Digital Marketing Mistakes in Jewelry Industry

9 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid In The Jewelry Industry

  1. Not Caring About User Experience

Although the general usage standards for user experience in e-commerce sites are now settled, an error that will occur on your site in this regard will cause you to lose your customer in the first step. From the main page to the end of the sale, page flows should have user experience sensitivity in all steps.

2. If You Don’t Have An Online Marketing Strategy, You Need To Be Afraid

Everything you own through digital tools belongs to your brand’s value chain. If your brand does not have an online strategy, you may not be able to get efficiency from your website and social media accounts.

3. If You Think Customers Will Find You Spontaneously, Be Prepared To Lose.

If you do not have the power to direct people to come there, having a very good website in the internet world is no different than building a luxury residence in the middle of the desert.

With a good advertising strategy, you need to get visitors and then convert them piece by piece into your customers.

4. Don’t Get Into the Restricted Payment Infrastructure Dilemma!

Opportunities offered by companies providing payment infrastructure services with credit cards in Turkey and around the world are very wide. You can offer credit card installments to your customers.

At the same time, customers love rich payment options, and you should definitely add special courier delivery, bank transfer and payment at the door options to the website within the framework of your possibilities.

5. Avoid Fake Visitors and Followers

Fake followers are extras that invade your store.

Do not sabotage the digital infrastructure you have invested in Data and Statistics with your own hands.

Taking fake followers and showing that your Instagram account has a lot of followers is one of the biggest mistakes of the last period. Because when you start to build your digital advertising strategy, when you mislead the algorithm that will use your advertising budget for the right target audience, the money that will be wasted will be your money.

Whatever your real customer profile is, your followers should be made up of them. Even if they are few in number, it is more advantageous for your brand’s digital marketing to create your shares based on their real interactions and likes.

On the other hand, it is very quickly understood that the followers are fake followers, since they do not interact with any of your posts. (Although we try to show that this problem is solved by sending fake interaction to every post, thanks to our practical digitalists, you cannot fool the algorithms. 🙂 )

6. Don’t Drive Your Customers Away With Automated Messages (Bots)

Make sure to create a level and sincere communication language with your customers who contact you via chat tools on your website or social media. Whoever is writing on behalf of your brand, even if these people change, the same communication language should be used. Communication with robotic messages cannot create a bond between you and your customers.

7. Ignoring Website Data

What else is measurement data good for if you don’t read them?

If you do not analyze the frequency and sources of visitors entering your website, as if you are driving without looking at the speedometer, and if you do not take any action after these analyzes, it will not be of any use to you.

8. Not Paying Attention to Mobile Compatibility

The importance of an easily navigable website on mobile is now much more.

90% of website visitors come from mobile devices. This means that only 10% of the visitors see your web interfaces, which you have prepared with so much effort, on the PC.

If there is an error in mobile compatibility, the overall performance of your site will not be even 10%.

9. Lack of Campaigns on Your Website

A website without a campaign is like a birthday party without gifts.

If you can’t create a campaign on your website that will generate excitement or curiosity for your customers, the price of all your products will remain a dull commercial offer.

You can create different campaigns for those who come to your site for the first time, those who have shopped before, and those who are your old customers and you have given coupons, and you should definitely do this.

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