Digitalization for Jewelry Sector

Digitalization Suggestions for the Jewelry Industry

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You Must Have A Website

A good website gives you multiple benefits. While it provides a very good way of presenting your products to your customers, on the other hand, it enables your advertising budget to be managed by recognizing your real customer profile through your customers’ visit to your website.

Evaluate Mobile Application Option

The use of mobile applications is increasing day by day. While they have to enter the browser for the website, the icon of the mobile application is always at hand.

Mobile applications are always advantageous as they can provide a communication and campaign environment where you can make your customers feel special.

Dedicate Time and Resources to Your Site’s SEO Compliance

SEO is the reputation superiority of the digital world. If you care about being in a good office, stylish clothes and a strong network for awareness in the real world, you should also care about the same criteria in the digital world.

The first rule of this is to ensure SEO compatibility, which means that the content structure of your website should be in a structure that search engines will like you.

Social Media Is Today’s Marketplace, Take Your Place

Sosyal medyada içerik tüketen insanların iki temel özelliği vardır. Birincisi, kısa süreli de olsa rahat bir zaman içerisindelerdir. İkincisi; ilgilerini çeken konulardaki içerikleri tüketmektedirler. 

Eğer siz tam da bu döngüde onların karşısına çıkabilirseniz, o müşteriyi mağazanızdan içeri soktunuz demektir. Sonrası, iletişim ve satış stratejinize kalmıştır. 

Provide Chat Service

A live hello is more valuable than any button on your website. You should provide your customers with a live chat service that can answer questions about the product. When you see the interaction and high sales rate this brings, you will better understand why we set up the first sentence that way.

Online Stock Management Is Critical To Track Your Business

The stocks on your website must necessarily reflect the actual stock numbers. While waiting for the cargo of a product that the customer has bought with excitement, encountering the message “out of stock, we are returning your money” will cause a coldness between you and your brand. Simply put, you will have missed that sale.

Pay Attention to Product Photos

Your product photos should be clear and in number to answer the customer’s questions. A photo taken from one direction or a photo taken with low light will not be enough.

Update: For our product photography suggestions, you can check our article “Product Photography in the Jewelry Industry”.

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