What is SEO?

What is SEO?

Having your website rank high in search engines ensures that more visitors come to your site. Thanks to SEO studies, the increase in the number of visitors will increase the conversion rate and will help bring your brand to the target point.

Search Engine Optimization that is;

  • Improving the brand’s ranking on the digital platform
  • Increasing the number of visitors
  • Providing quality visitor traffic
  • It is done to achieve the targeted transformation.

How is SEO Work Done?

Search engines give quality scores to websites according to certain rules. Quality scores; The suitability of the content used throughout the site is provided by several factors such as the speed of the site and mobile compatibility. The aims of these studies are; is to prove to search engines that it is of good quality and useful for the user.

Text & Visual Content

The texts used in the site must be original and binding on the visitor. In this way, many people will read the content and spend time on the page.

Besides the text content, another important issue is the visuals. The images used on the website must be original, high quality and relevant to the subject. The improvements made here are very effective in increasing the quality score.

Site Speed ​​& User Friendly Site

Visitor leaving your website quickly is a factor that lowers your quality score. In order for your visitors not to leave your site, you should have a website that opens as fast as possible, not a slow-loading site.

In addition, mixed URL structures will negatively affect the quality score as visitors will not remember them. Your website should be able to appeal to all age groups and be easily used by all age groups. Catchy URL structures, fonts, colors of the site, easy-to-understand content, and most importantly, mobile-friendly are important factors in reaching your target point.

Appropriate Labeling on Digital Platforms

Another factor that will make it easier for your website to stand out in search engines is the use of appropriate tags. The titles, descriptions and tags suitable for the names of the images in your site will increase the quality score. For this reason, the right tag is an important criterion for SEO.

External SEO Study

As we mentioned, Google reviews many parameters when calculating the quality score for your website. Any deception-oriented sharing in these parameters will even cause the site to be deleted from Google. Works done outside the site are called backlinks and all interactions and shares must be determined with precision.

What is Backlink?

The link sharing of a website by pointing to another website as a reference is called a backlink. This is exactly; It is the recommendation of a website that is determined by Google as high quality and reliable, to visitors on its own site. Thanks to this work, the awareness of your website and your brand and the number of visitors will be increased, while the sense of trust of your brand will be provided.

How to Do the Most Accurate SEO Work?

SEO work is a consultancy service that is planned in the most appropriate way for your website and studies are started in this direction. As a result of the analyzes made with a good expert and team, the transactions are started. As Grows, we analyze all the brands we consult in detail and prepare your most appropriate work plan. Let’s solve all your question marks about your website together.

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