Competition After Pandemic

After the pandemic we met in 2020, it’s time to add new knowledge to the everything known about digital marketing. Ensuring the continuity of your brand is much more important in today’s world. Increasing brand awareness by building trust in visitors ensures a healthier transition from pandemic to normalization. Google makes periodic updates in order to provide users with better quality, accurate and desired content. While Google adds new ones to these updates every year, brand owners and experts aim to make the most of these updates.

It has also been noticed by experts and brand owners that the recent Google BERT update has started to affect SEO work to a large extent. After the pandemic process that affected the whole world, it is very important to follow these innovations and adapt them in an original way in order to maintain your brand’s presence on digital platforms. We wanted to share with you the works that will highlight your brand in 2020 and the innovations you need to know about SEO.

The following innovations stand out for SEO;

  • Voice Search
  • User Friendly Website
  • Quality Content
Voice Search

With the developing and changing technology, the use of smart phones has started to increase compared to the past years. Artificial intelligence, which has entered our lives with smartphones, allows us to reach results with the voice command feature instead of searching by typing words in the search engine. Accordingly, it is thought that 50% of searches will be made with Voice Search in 2020. Applications such as Google Assistant and Siri can perform searches within Google for users. With this feature, you can edit your content and give search commands as well as getting results about the subject you are looking for. However, at this point, content that can be easily understood by artificial intelligence should be created and the content should be optimized for voice search.

User Friendly Website

In order for you to stand out on digital platforms and increase your quality score, your website should have a structure that opens quickly, is unique, easy to use and has useful content. However, mobile compatibility is also very important for users. It is also known by experts that mobile-friendly sites are featured by Google.

Quality Content

After the last update by Google, it has been seen that quality content will be more effective in promoting the website. Considering that users’ viewing rates are higher than reading as of 2020, increasing the sharing of short videos will enable to reach more visitors. The most important part is that the video content should be prepared for all age groups, the image quality should be high, and the video content should be beneficial to the visitors. Tagging using the right keywords while sharing video content will also help reach more users.

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